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Game and anime lovers! Here I come! I am extremely soft and snuggly GEEK VEST!


You might remember me as I am the Pastelove version of the Festive Geek Vest!


Uleash your inner geek with this  super trendy vest made of super fine merino wool in 45 different shades.

I am so soft you will not feel me when you level up to finally defeat your boss.


Wear me like a G with no shirt underneath or get the snazzy look with a white blouse for a trip to the library or to that parent dinner that you have been dreading for a long time.




It is possible to customise me. Pick colours with me - one solid colour, one colour and edges in a different shade!

This is a one-size vest but if you need it longer or wider, please let me know:)



If you really want to wash me, please only hand-wash me in light warm water. I hate washing machines! After washing, lay me on the flat surface and do not hang me to dry.

SzubiCrafts: Polish crafts with love and care.

V-neck Geek Vest

  • 100% merino wool

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